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    Kunming Airport Economic Zone




    Yunnan Kunming Airport Economic Zone is located in Kunming Guandu District Dabanqiao streets, about 24 km from the main city, east of Chenggong District, south of the open area, west of Panlong District, north of Songming County. Area of land area of 396.6 square kilometers, administer 20 community residents committee, 99 residents group.


    Economic Development


    In 2015, the region's GDP reached 16.3 billion yuan, an increase of 9.6%; fixed asset investment of more than 13.03 billion yuan, an increase of 23%; local fiscal revenue to complete 860 million yuan, an increase of 23.4% Local public finance budget income of 639 million yuan, an increase of 32.3%; total retail sales of social consumer goods 14.76 billion yuan, an increase of 17.4%; investment funds in place 8.3 billion yuan, an increase of 52.7%; urban residents per capita disposable income of 34759 Yuan, an increase of 8.5%; per capita net income of farmers reached 15,705 yuan, an increase of 12.5%.


    Airport Economic Zone, a total of 363 industrial enterprises, of which more than 40 industrial enterprises above designated size; 241 various types of business enterprises, of which more than 12 large-scale business enterprises.


    Strategic Positioning


    In accordance with the Yunnan New District, "one year to fight the foundation, three years see results, five years of large leap" target requirements, around the airport "four districts and one city" (that is, the focus area of ??the new district, temporary economic demonstration zone, along the free trade test The core area, comprehensive bonded area and the International Airport New City) development orientation, relying on Kunming Changshui International Airport, vigorously develop around the international hub of the airport economy, aviation hub services, temporary business logistics, base aviation, general aviation, aviation maintenance, Aviation logistics, bonded logistics, bonded processing, airport manufacturing, headquarters economy, business services, e-commerce, electronic information, international trade, cultural and leisure and other leading industries, and strive to build the green economy, green, "Hong Kong property city integration" regional international aviation new town.


    All kinds of advantages


    The area has the fourth largest gateway hub in China - Kunming Changshui International Airport, Guiyun Railway, Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail, Kunqu Expressway, Songkun Expressway, 320 National Road and Xiaolong Expressway, Songkun Avenue passing There are Metro Line 6, Airport Expressway, has a special geographical location advantages.


    Integrated traffic in the integrated traffic layout on the formation of "one Hong Kong Second Railway six rail a track" of the overall structure. "Two-way" refers to the Kunshan high-speed road, the airport high-speed road, the Kunqu high-speed road, the southeast ring high-speed railway and the railway line, Highway four highways and the new 320 National Road and yellow expressway; "one track" refers to the rail transit line 6 (airport line).


    Infrastructure investment has accumulated nearly 20 billion yuan, has completed the airport high-speed road, airport sewage treatment plants, waste incineration power plants, water plants, public rental and a number of important supporting projects, the region has achieved new roads (including rail) Km, ring long water airport road to close. Kun Song Expressway, southeast Ring Expressway, Shanghai and Kunming passenger railway and other major construction projects in an orderly manner, the regional integrated transport system is gradually formed.


    The advantages of the international portal Kunming Airport Economic Zone in Yunnan Province is the only one in Yunnan, and it is an important support for the development of the integration of the bridgehead and the construction of the two cities in the province.


    Industry Development


    Mainly the development of the airport industry and electronic information industry. The airport area relies on the advantages of air traffic and the advantages of international portals, focusing on the airport industry, focusing on the development of "base air, maintenance and general aviation," "air manufacturing, aviation logistics and multimodal transport," "headquarters settlement, business services And cultural and leisure "and other three plates as one of the business sub-centers. We will vigorously develop trade fairs, trade tourism, electronic information industry, build electronic raw materials to the terminal equipment industry chain, focus on the development of Internet of things, mobile payment and triple play, to speed up the intelligent transformation of infrastructure and traditional industries and information industry integration development, Research and development, cross-border electricity business, large data applications such as "Internet +" new economy to support the airport wisdom city.

    Integrated office: 0871-67331122



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