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    Songming Vocational Education Base


    Song Ming vocational education base was established in August 2008, March 2012 by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Education approved as Yunnan Province, vocational education reform and innovation experimental zone. Planning area of ??14.16 square kilometers (of which, Songming territory of 4.311 square kilometers, Guandu District, 9.849 square kilometers). In order to balance the development and construction of funds, Songming County, the county government in 2009 will be planning an area of ??80.93 square kilometers Song Ming Chang Songyuan area by Song Ming vocational education base management and development management.




    Songming vocational education base is located in the southwest of Songming County, close to the Kunqu highway, 34 kilometers away from Kunming city, the East Ring Expressway 14 kilometers, Kunming Changshui International Airport 16 kilometers, 40 kilometers Chenggong New District, in Kunqu industry Profile gold belt and Kunming half an hour economic circle, the airport economic circle, with unique geographical advantages and land and air three-dimensional transport network. Chang Songyuan area is located in the south of Songming County, close to Songming county, adjacent Yang Lin by the open area, Song Ming vocational education base. Area of ??the overall terrain west high east low, west mountain, hilly terrain more east of the gentle slope hills, north by the valley area extends to the Dapu River Reservoir and Mi Liang River Reservoir. Most of the regional terrain slope is slow, is a karst landform, rich natural style, plant ecological community protection is good.


     Planning and positioning


     According to the overall plan approved by the Kunming municipal government on September 7, 2009, 10-15 middle and higher vocational colleges were planned to be built in order to build the concept of building and building the city, sharing resources, logistics socialization and operation market. 12 million population size, financial vocational education, public training, business exhibition, science and technology animation, tourism and leisure as one, rational layout, living concentrated, well-equipped, interactive and beautiful environment of the national first-class vocational education base. Chang Songyuan Area adhere to the "strict protection, rational development, sustainable use" approach to ecological as the basis, to culture as a feature, to create a set of sports and leisure, health and recreational, ecological tourism, tourism resort-led "internationally renowned, domestic First class "tourism and leisure resort.

    Development Overview


     As of 2015, Songming vocational education base settled in 13 institutions, 9 to achieve enrollment, and another leasing school "school school" 8, students in 74000 people, more than 5,000 full-time teachers. Various types of institutions set up a total of more than 150 professional management, information technology, engineering, art design, medicine, foreign language and so on more than 150 professional, the average annual training capacity of 45,000 people, driving nearly ten thousand people around the park population breakthrough 9 million people. Built a park road more than 12 kilometers, inter-school group supporting a service center, supporting a theme park, a farmer's market, bus, water, electricity, gas, communications, network and other public service facilities supporting the completion of the area more than 5 square kilometers, The advantages of the park in the development of vocational education in the province focused on highlighting the economic efficiency of the park, environmental benefits and social benefits clearly, to become the province's innovation and development to lead the obvious advantages, strong protection mechanism, a typical demonstration of the role of vocational education reform innovation Area, is the largest in Yunnan Province, supporting the most complete, assigned to teachers and students up to the regional center of vocational education and the largest vocational education Metro. Long Songyuan Area Yunnan Royal Bank Zhongtian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. Yujing New Town Phase I, Zhongji Tengfei Waterworks, Yunnan Chang Songyuan Cemetery Co., Ltd. "Dream of Yunnan", Kunming militia comprehensive training base, armed police traffic three detachment Brigade of the new camp area completed and put into use. A set of tourism, living and cultural and creative industries of eco-tourism resort has begun to take shape, built more than 2 square kilometers.


    economic development


    In recent years, Song Ming vocational education base of the CMC in-depth implementation of the "school strong city, ecological city, school enterprises to stabilize the city, cultural city" strategy to investment school, infrastructure, project construction as the focus, to promote the park Economy to achieve sustainable and rapid development. 2015 annual investment of 1.982 billion yuan to complete investment in fixed assets 2.345 billion yuan, local public finance budget income of 110 million yuan. During the 12th Five-Year Plan period, the average annual growth rate of investment investment was 1.82%, the average investment in fixed assets increased by 17.47%, and the local public finance budget revenue increased by 43.7%. All kinds of enterprises and individual businesses up to 403, led directly to 4200 jobs business, operating income exceeded 1 billion yuan, the park has become a new economic growth in Songming County, the new strong growth pole.


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