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    A fulcrum for Yunnan to be Chinas pivot of opening up to south and southeast Asia. Giving full play to the advantages in Yunnan's location and enhancing the province’s role in opening up to south and southeast Asia, the YDNA will be a positive participant in the Mekong economic cooperative mechanisms and the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar economic corridor, and thus form a new pattern of international cooperation featuring win-win and mutual support.


    An economic height for Yunnan to be the gateway to ASEAN. The YDNA will reform the industrial mode, build a high-end Kunming Airport economic zone, be a model in carrying on production capacity cooperation, and become a base for industrial restructuring and upgrade. Also, the new area will be home to advanced manufacturing, emerging industries and modern services. It will drive Yunnan's economy and narrow the development gap.


    A pilot zone for new urbanization in west China. Seeking talented workers, all-round development, optimized layout, eco-civilization and cultural inheritance, the YDNA will promote industrial transfer, increase industrial agglomeration and explore new modes for industry-city integration. The new area will actively employ migrant workers from rural areas, speed up its urbanization, improve the systems for population flow and grant newcomers the citizenship orderly. Also, it will create new social management models and enhance sustainable development. 


    A pioneer in reform, restructuring and innovation. We will deepen reform, learning from the free trade areas and exploring development models, innovation platforms and management systems for foreign trade. Implementing the innovation-driven development, the YDNA will promote technological innovation, enhance independent innovation, and establish a system conducive to mass entrepreneurship and innovation. Administrative services will be improved to build the new area into a pioneer in deepening reform.

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