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    Yunnan Dianzhong New Area is located on the east and west sides of downtown Kunming outside the Dianchi lake watershed. The initial planning involves Anning City, Songming County and parts of Guandu District, covering an area of ??about 482 square kilometers. The YDNA holds the most developed areas in Yunnan, and its potential for development allows it to be one of the 18 key development zones identified by the central government.


    First, the location is superior. The new area is located in the geographical center of Yunnan Province, close to downtown ??Kunming. The communication networks are developed. Kunming Changshui International Airport sits in the new area, and passing through the YDNA are the Shanghai-Kunming and Chengdu-Kunming railways, together with national highways that connect Kunming to Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Hangzhou. The networks link the new area to the Pearl River delta, the Yangtze River delta, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and the Southeast Asian countries.


    Second, the YDNA is strong in education and scientific innovation. Scattering in or near the new area are 43 colleges and universities, 8 national key laboratories and engineering centers and some first-class research institutes such as the Kunming Branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences, all forming a good environment for technological innovation and a sound system for regional innovation.


    Third, the YDNA is advantageous in industrial development. It has a number of key industrial parks, involving the Songming Yanglin economic zone, the Kunming Airport economic zone, and the Anning national petrochemical base. Equipment manufacturing, automobile, petrochemicals, e-information and bonded logistics are all advantageous industries.


    Fourth, the new area has great bearing capacity. The YDNA is listed among the key national functional zones, rich in land resources and sound in infrastructure systems. Transport networks, supplies of water and energy, and information service are relatively developed. With its forest coverage over 60 percent, the new area boasts a beautiful living environment for new urbanization.


    Fifth, the new area is good for opening up and international cooperation. In recent years, the China-ASEAN free trade area has seen steady upgrade, economic cooperation in the Mekong region has increased, the Bangladesh-China-India-Myanmar economic corridor has made progress, and the China-South Asia Expo has risen to regional fame. As a result, Yunnan Province’s role in the Belt and Road Initiative has been increasingly prominent. And based on the said economic cooperative mechanisms, the YDNA will build itself into a major platform for Yunnan to exchange and cooperate with the south and southeast Asian countries.

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