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    Memorabilia of Central Area of Yunnan (2016)


    1, March 1, Kunming Municipal Party Committee, the municipal government, the Yunnan Provincial Party Committee, the CMC jointly held in Kunming, Yunnan Province, Yunnan Province and the opening of cooperation in promoting the new district. Promotion will be signed a total of 50 projects, of which, Kunming and Central Area of Yunnan signed a tripartite cooperation agreement 3, and the signing of the project in Yunnan New 8.

    2, March 10, in the new district held inauguration ceremony.


    3, March 10, the Central Plains District held a working meeting in 2016, Kunming Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Party Secretary of the CPC Central Committee, director of the CMC for the work report, the meeting proposed to be based on a new starting point, fought a new journey, and strive to create New development and construction of new situation.


    4, March 31, in the new district of Yunnan in 2016 the task decomposition task signing work conference, Anning City, Songming County, Airport Economic Zone and the Yunnan Industrial Development Group, airport investment company, Kunming Comprehensive Free Trade Zone Administrative Committee Units to the CPC Central Committee, the CPC Central Committee set the annual target "military order", and the relevant units signed the responsibility of party building work objectives, responsibility for the construction of clean government and responsibility for the production of security objectives, for the Yunnan New Territories land Bureau of Environmental Protection, Forestry Bureau, Water Affairs Bureau, Trade and Industry Bureau, Quality Supervision Bureau awarded the awarding.


    5. On April 6, the first batch of 30 key projects of the Central New District of Yunnan started to be started this year, and the Kunming Comprehensive Bonded Area Project was started at the same time. 30 key projects involving aviation, equipment manufacturing, logistics, real estate, park development, water conservancy, people's livelihood, integrated transport and other fields, a total investment of 22.5 billion yuan this year plans to invest 7.4 billion. On the same day to start the comprehensive planning of Kunming Free Trade Zone area of 2 square kilometers, will be completed in February 2017 fence acceptance.


    6, June 8, the governor, the Central Plains and New District Planning and Construction Leading Group Leader Chen Hao special study of the institutional mechanism in Yunnan New Area innovation.


    7, July 25, the Central Plains District held the first half of the 2016 working meeting, the provincial party committee, Kunming Municipal Party Committee Secretary, Central Yunnan New Area Party Working Committee Secretary Cheng Yuan stressed that the Central Area of Yunnan to strive to sprint the third quarter, decisive decisive fourth quarter, And resolutely win new development and construction of tough battle to ensure that "a year to lay the foundation" objectives and tasks successfully completed.


    8, August 6, the governor, planning and construction in the New Central District Leading Group Leader Chen Hao of the New Area in the new district to listen to the planning work report.

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