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    By 2020, the infrastructure networks and modern industrial systems will take shape in the YDNA, openness and cooperation will improve, and the driving force for innovation will increase. With modern functioning, industry-city integration, and sound environment for living and employment, the YDNA will be an international new area for high-tech industries.


    At the same time, the new area will host a population of 1.13 million, with an urbanization rate of around 70 percent and a regional GDP of over 100 billion yuan. The new district will fulfill an extraordinary leap-frog development, becoming an obvious “fulcrum” for Yunnan to be China’s pivot of opening up to south and southeast Asia.


    By 2035, the YDNA will have a population of 2.65 million, with an urbanization rate of around 90 percent and a regional GDP exceeding 600 billion yuan. The new area will play a more prominent role in China's opening up to south and southeast Asia. With coordinated urban and rural development, in-depth industry-city integration, and wonderful ecology and living environment, the YDNA will become a developed urban area and a leader in socio-economic development in west China. By then, the YDNA will have fulfilled its mission assigned by the state.

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