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    Investment Policy

    (A) project consultation and demonstration services. According to the Central Area of Yunnan work arrangements or commissioned by the Central Area of Yunnan departments, in the negotiation stage to be introduced into the Central Area of Yunnan of major investment projects for consultation and consultation for the Central Area of Yunnan leaders and commissioned departments to make reference; according to investor demand, to provide major construction projects consulting and consultation services.

    (B) project progress tracking service. In accordance with the Central Area of Yunnan investment process or investment in the construction of the project workflow, after the signing of investment projects, the project to the completion of the completion of the process of acceptance of the need for services to track the service, to grasp the progress of the project, and investors feedback difficult problems Contact the relevant departments to solve the time limit.

    (C) project approval guidance service. In accordance with the project approval process, to guide investors to handle the administrative examination and approval matters involved, as well as power supply, water supply, gas supply, fire, drainage, communications, network and other public services. In the process of project approval, the need for intermediary services, and promote the center recommended with the appropriate qualifications of the intermediary service agencies, investors choose their own.