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    Main Project

           Yunnan International Agricultural Products Trading Center planning total land area of 2.33 square kilometers, together 3500 acres. Divided into two parts of the north and south, the northern block area east to Xiaojiang fault zone, south of Yunnan International Trade Expo Center, west of 213 National Road, north to Yunnan International Fact Sheets, Longyuan Airport is located in the block. South of the block to the east of the Xiaojiang fault zone, south of 110KV, 500KV, 800KV high pressure corridor, west of 213 National Road, north of Yunnan International Flower Trade Center. Project based in Yunnan, facing the country, radiation South Asia and Southeast Asia neighboring countries, built to Yunnan characteristics of agricultural products as the basis of regional large-scale agricultural products trading center, boosting the characteristics of agriculture in Yunnan to accelerate development.